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Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Offsite Power System Under Typhoon-induced High Wind

김건규(Kim, Gungyu) ; 곽신영(Kwag, Shinyoung) ; 임승현(Eem, Seunghyun) ; 진승섭(Jin, Seung-Seop)

Effect of Moisture Conditions and Curing Conditions of Recycled Coarse Aggregate on Concrete Compressive Strength

신민건(Shin, Mingun) ; 부상필(Boo, Sangpil) ; 박상렬(Park, Sangyeol) ; 문경태(Moon, Kyoungtae)

Investigation of Drought Propagation and Damage Characteristics Using Meteorological and Hydrological Drought Indices

김지은(Kim, Ji Eun) ; 손호준(Son, Ho-Jun) ; 김태식(Kim, Taesik) ; 김원범(Kim, Won-Beom) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong)

Trend Analyses of Monthly Precipitation in Jeolla According to Climate Change Scenarios Using an Innovative Polygon Trend Analysis

홍다희(Hong, Dahee) ; 김석우(Kim, Soukwoo) ; 조현선(Cho, Hyeonseon) ; 유지영(Yoo, Jiyoung) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong)

A Study on Scour Characteristics of Artificial Reef-Installed Grounds in the East and West Coasts

윤대호(Yun, Dae-Ho) ; 임병권(Lim, Byeong-Gwon) ; 이지성(Lee, Ji-Sung) ; 김윤태(Kim, Yun-Tae)