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Hydrological Drought Analysis and Monitoring Using Multiple Drought Indices: The Case of Mulrocheon Watershed

이주헌(Lee, Joo-Heon) ; 박서연(Park, Seo-Yeon) ; 김민규(Kim, Min Gyu) ; 정일문(Chung, Il-Moon)

Evaluation of Electric Power Consumption during Seawater Desalination

심규대(Shim, Kyu Dae) ; 김창용(Kim, Chang Ryong) ; 정준연(Choung, Joon Yeon) ; 김동균(Kim, Dong Kyun)

Comparative Analysis of Seismic Records Observed at Seismic Stations and Smartphone MEMS Sensors

장동일(Jang, Dongil) ; 안재광(Ahn, Jae-Kwang) ; 권영우(Kwon, Youngwoo) ; 곽동엽(Kwak, Dongyoup)

Calculation of Appropriate Number of Parking Lots for Cultural and Assembly Facilities - Focused on the Gwangju Metropolitan City Movie Theater -

진태희(Jin, Tae-Hee) ; 권성대(Kwon, Sung-Dae) ; 진일(Jin, Il) ; 하태준(Ha, Tae-Jun) ; 이형무(Lee, Hyung-Mu) ; 이강석(Lee, Gang-Seok)