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Establishment of Accuracy Criteria of Flood Inundation Map Using Quantitative Evaluation Indices

이진영(Lee, Jin-Young) ; 김동균(Kim, Dongkyun) ; 박경운(Park, Kyung Woon) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong)

Development of Mechanical Construction Method of Road Deck Middle Slab of Double Deck Tunnel in Great Depth

이두성(Lee, Doo Sung) ; 김영진(Kim, Young Jin) ; 김태균(Kim, Tae Kyun) ; 김창용(Kim, Chang Yeong)

Frequent Origin-Destination Sequence Pattern Analysis from Taxi Trajectories

이태영(Lee, Tae Young) ; 전승배(Jeon, Seung Bae) ; 정명훈(Jeong, Myeong Hun) ; 최연웅(Choi, Yun Woong)