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Proposal of Maintenance Scenario and Feasibility Analysis of Bridge Inspection using Bayesian Approach

이진혁(Lee, Jin Hyuk) ; 이경용(Lee, Kyung Yong) ; 안상미(Ahn, Sang Mi) ; 공정식(Kong, Jung Sik)

Estimation of Distributed Groundwater Recharge in Jangseong District by using Integrated Hydrologic Model

정일문(Chung, Il-Moon) ; 박승혁(Park, Seunghyuk) ; 이정은(Lee, Jeong Eun) ; 김민규(Kim, Min Gyu)

Evaluation of Freezing Rate of Marine Clay by Artificial Ground Freezing Method with Liquid Nitrogen

최현준(Choi, Hyun-Jun) ; 이동섭(Lee, Dongseop) ; 이효범(Lee, Hyobum) ; 최항석(Choi, Hangseok)

Development of Prediction Models for Traffic Noise Considering Traffic Environment and Road Geometry

오석진(Oh, Seok Jin) ; 박제진(Park, Je Jin) ; 최건(Choi, Gun Soo) ; 하태준(Ha, Tae Jun)