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Characteristics of Aerodynamic Damping on Helical-Shaped Super Tall Building

김원술(Kim, Wonsul) ; 이진학(Yi, Jin-Hak) ; 타무라 유키오(Tamura, Yukio)

A Study on Improvement of Inspection Activity Based upon Condition Analysis of Expressway Bridges

전준창(Jeon, Jun Chang) ; 이일근(Lee, Il Keun) ; 박창호(Park, Chang Ho) ; 이희현(Lee, Hee Hyun)

Influences of pH on Heavy Metal Leaching in Water Supply Pipelines

이정원(Lee, Jeongwon) ; 노유래(Noh, Yoorae) ; 박준홍(Park, Joonhong)

A Practical Analysis Method for the Design of Piled Raft Foundations

송영훈(Song, Young Hun) ; 송명준(Song, Myung Jun) ; 정민형(Jung, Min Hyung) ; 박영호(Park, Yung Ho)