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Seismic Behavior of Bridges Considering Ground Motion Spatial Variation

배병호(Bae, Byung Ho) ; 최광규(Choi, Kwang Kyu) ; 강승우(Kang, Seung Woo) ; 송시영(Song, Si Young)

Development of a Functional Mortar for Algae Growth Restraining by Using Soluble Glass

김준환(Kim, Jun Hwan) ; 강호정(Kang, Hojeong) ; 최세영(Choi, Se Young) ; 임윤묵(Lim, Yun Mook)

Estimation of Interception in Cheonmi Watershed, Jeju Island

정일문(Chung, Il-Moon) ; 이정우(Lee, Jeongwoo) ; 김남원(Kim, Nam Won)

An Analysis of Bed Change Characteristics by Bed Protection Work

손아롱(Son, Ah Long) ; 김병현(Kim, Byung Hyun) ; 문보람(Moon, Bo Ram) ; 한건연(Han, Kun Yeun)

Effects of Irrigation Reservoirs and Groundwater Withdrawals on Streamflow for the Anseongcheon Upper Watershed

이정우(Lee, Jeongwoo) ; 김남원(Kim, Nam Won) ; 정일문(Chung, Il-Moon) ; 이정은(Lee, Jeong Eun)