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Aims and Scope

The KSCE Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering Research (KSCE J. Civ. Environ. Eng. Res.) is a bimonthly journal, founded in December 1981, for the publication of peer-reviewed papers devoted to research and development for a wide range of civil engineering fields. A list of topics considered to be in the scope of the journal are structural, nuclear, hydro, coastal and harbor, environmental, geotechnical and tunnel, transportation and highway, surveying and geo-spatial information, and railway engineering. Also, the scope included in the journal are construction management, urban planning, and information technology. State-of-the-art papers are welcome and original work of multidisciplinary aspects on analysis, experiment and design will be considered for publication. For both readers and authors, all the submitted papers will be considered for accelerated reviews and publications.

Journal Information

Journal Title KSCE Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering Research
Journal Abbreviation KSCE J. Civ. Environ. Eng. Res.
Publication Date Vol.1 No.1(1981) -
Frequency Bi-monthly
Publisher Korean Society of Civil Engineers
Language Korean, English
Print ISSN 1015-6348
Online ISSN 2799-9629
Abstracting and Indexing Korean Citation Index (KCI)

Electronic Edition

The KSCE J. Civ. Environ. Eng. Res. allows open access to all published articles. A free fulltext in both PDF and XML format is avaliable at Subscription Information: Neither registration nor subscription is required to access the electronic version of articles published in the Journal of the KSCE.

Subscription of Information

Upon submission, authors are requested to pay 60,000 KRW for the review of their manuscripts. The publication fee of 100,000 KRW is charged for papers accepted for publication. In case the manuscript exceeds the maximum page length (8 printed pages) specified in the editorial policy, authors are claimed to pay 40,000 KRW per exceeding page.

Journal management team

Ethics Editor Il-Moon Chung (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)
Website Producer Jinho Kim (CRICIT, Korea)
Adminstrative Manager Hye Seon Hwang (Korean Society of Civil Engineers, Korea)

Introduction of KSCE J. Civ. Environ. Eng. Res.

Founded in 1981, the Journal of the KSCE(Korean Society of Civil Engineers) has the longest history in the field of civil engineering and is the only Korean literary journal that comprehensively covers all fields of civil engineering. It contains research papers and technical notes in the fields of structure, nuclear power, concrete, coastal port, environmental ecology, road, traffic, urban planning, construction, ground, tunnel, surveying, and information technology. Six issues are published per year and bimonthly.
Because the Journal of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers deals with comprehensive research topics throughout civil engineering, the readership is very widely distributed.

Also, in 2017, it was selected as an excellent academic journal by the National Research Foundation of Korea and recognized as a representative academic journal in civil engineering.

Major characteristics and efforts of the KSCE J. Civ. Environ. Eng. Res.

From issue no. 1 of vol. 1 to the present issue in December 1981, all of the papers carry English abstracts, and since 2013, as part of the internationalization of the journal, even the tables, figures and references have been written in English.

About 40% of editorial board members are from various countries other than Korea (USA, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, France, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, etc.).

Earlier than other academic societies, the Korean Society of Civil Engineers has developed the online paper submission system since 2002, and thus the entire process of publishing such as submission, review and editorial processes is implemented in a transparent and prompt manner.

More than 90 papers are received every year, and the Institute has a pool of 1,600 paper reviewers. For the fairness and convenience of selecting reviewers, the Institute has a 'system for recommending reviewers', which enables the editorial committee members to recommend reviewers online and the candidates with majority’s recommendation to be selected.

Editorial committee and reviewers are comprised of experts with extensive research experience at domestic and abroad in all fields of civil engineering, to ensure that excellent papers that have been rigorously reviewed with emphasis on originality, feasibility of research methods, and academic contribution are published.

Among the papers published over a year, the Institute grants outstanding paper awards to those that are determined to be excellent based on originality and academic contribution (a total of 1 out of 100 papers are awarded). The editorial committee selects and recommends the candidate for the award. The award is granted at the annual general assembly after a meeting of the candidate screening committee for the paper, a meeting of the preliminary selection committee for the academic award, and a meeting of the selection committee for the academic award.

The the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE) is a sole comprehensive civil engineering research group in Korea, established in 1951. It has promoted knowledge enhancement and academic researches, developed and led popularization of major innovative technologies, and performed the leading role by contributing to the improvement of education and national policies in order to respond to the demands for rapid changes of the society.

Currently, about 28,000 members (including 260 foreigners) : Check of graduate students from civil engineering related fields, professors, engineering companies, research institutes, etc. are registered and engaged in various works. In addition, library members (from 507 groups) and special members (from 200 companies) are at work.

Editorial Office

Korean Society of Civil Engineers, 7th Fl., KSCE Bldg. 3-16, Jungdae-ro 25-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05661, Korea.

Adminstrative Manager : Hye Seon Hwang

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