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Dynamic Characteristics and Power Generation Performance Evaluation of Customized Energy Block Structures

노명현(Noh, Myung-Hyun) ; 김효진(Kim, Hyo-Jin) ; 박지영(Parl, Ji-Young) ; 이상열(Lee, Sang-Youl)

Numerical Analysis of River Bed Change Due to Reservoir Failure Using CCHE1D Model

손인호(Son, In Ho) ; 김병현(Kim, Byunghyun) ; 손아롱(Son, Ah Long) ; 한건연(Han, Kun Yeun)

A Comparative Study on Geotechnical System Response Probabilities of Fill Dams in Korea Using Internal Erosion Toolbox

김우용(Kim, Woo-Yong) ; 임정열(Lim, Jeong-Yeul) ; 목영진(Mok, Young-Jin) ; 정영훈(Jung, Young-Hoon)