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Evaluation of Structural Behavior of Connections in Precast Arch Structures

심창수(Shim, Chang Su) ; 김동찬(Kim, Dong Chan) ; 최대헌(Choi, Dae) ; 진경석(Jin, Kyung Seok)

A Study on Stable Generation of Tsunami in Hydraulic/Numerical Wave Tank

이우동(Lee, Woo-Dong) ; 박종률(Park, Jong-Ryul) ; 전호성(Jeon, Ho-Seong) ; 허동수(Hur, Dong-Soo)

Estimating the Dimension of a Crosswalk in Urban Area - Focusing on Width and Stop Line -

김윤미(Kim, Yoomi) ; 박제진(Park, Jejin) ; 권성대(Kwon, Sungdae) ; 하태준(Ha, Taejun)