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Title Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Offsite Power System Under Typhoon-induced High Wind
Authors 김건규(Kim, Gungyu) ; 곽신영(Kwag, Shinyoung) ; 임승현(Eem, Seunghyun) ; 진승섭(Jin, Seung-Seop)
Page pp.277-282
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 확률론적 안전성 평가;소외전력망;소외전원상실;태풍 동반 강풍;리스크 Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA);Off-site power system;Loss of offsite power (LOOP);Typhoon induced high winds;Risk
Abstract Recently, the intensity and frequency of typhoons have been increasing due to climate change, and typhoons can cause a loss of offsite
power (LOOP) at nuclear power plants (NPPs). Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for typhoon-induced high winds through the
probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) of offsite power systems. However, research on PSA for offsite power system in NPPs under
typhoon-induced high winds is still lacking. In this study, PSA was performed for offsite power systems subjected to typhoon-induced
high winds at the Kori NPP site, which has experienced frequent damages to its offsite power system among NPP sites in Korea. In order
to perform PSA for typhoon-induced high winds in offsite power systems, the typhoon hazard at Kori NPP site was derived using logic
tree and Monte Carlo simulation. Utilizing the fragility of components constituting the power system, performed a fragility analysis of
the power system. Lastly, the probability that offsite power system will not be able to supply power to the NPP was derived.