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Title Application of the Modified Bartlett-Lewis Rectangular Pulse Model for Daily Precipitation Simulation in Gamcheon Basin
Authors 정연지(Chung, Yeon-Ji) ; 김민기(Kim, Min-ki) ; 엄명진(Um, Myoung-Jin)
Page pp.303-314
ISSN 10156348
Keywords BLRP 모형;매개변수;분포형;강수량 예측 BLRP model;Parameter;Distribution;Precipitation prediction
Abstract Precipitation data are an integral part of water management planning, especially the design of hydroelectric structures and the study
of floods and droughts. However, it is difficult to obtain accurate data due to space-time constraints. The recent increase in hydrological
variability due to climate change has further emphasized the importance of precipitation simulation techniques. Therefore, in this study,
the Modified Bartlett-Lewis Rectangular Pulse model was utilized to apply the parameters necessary to predict daily precipitation. The
effect of this parameter on the daily precipitation prediction was analyzed by applying exponential distribution, Gamma distribution,
and Weibull distribution to evaluate the suitability of daily precipitation prediction according to each distribution type. As a result, it
is judged that parameters should be selected in consideration of regional and seasonal characteristics when simulating precipitation using
the MBLRP model.