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Multi-fidelity Data-fusion for Improving Strain accuracy using Optical Fiber Sensors

박영수(Park, Young-Soo) ; 진승섭(Jin, Seung-Seop) ; 유철환(Yoo, Chul-Hwan) ; 김성태(Kim, Sungtae) ; 박영환(Park, Young-Hwan)

Reconfiguration of Physical Structure of Vegetation by Voxelization Based on 3D Point Clouds

안명희(Ahn, Myeonghui) ; 장은경(Jang, Eun-kyung) ; 배인혁(Bae, Inhyeok) ; 지운(Ji, Un)

The Development of Electromagnetic pulse Protection Capability in the Main System of a Tank Battalion

최호갑(Choi, Hokab) ; 한재덕(Han, Jaeduk) ; 손상우(Son, Sangwoo) ; 김성곤(Kim, Sungkon)