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Thermodynamic Modeling of Long-Term Phase Development of Slag Cement in Seawater

박솔뫼(Park, Solmoi) ; 서용철(Suh, Yongcheol) ; 남광희(Nam, Kwang Hee) ; 원윤상()

Experimental Study on the Performance Improvement of Velcro Reinforcement through Internal Filling

정영석(Jeong, Yeong-Seok) ; 권민호(Kwon, Minho) ; 김진섭(Kim, Jin-Sup) ; 남광식(Nam, Gwang-Sik)

Evaluation of Hydration Characteristics and NOx-removal Performances of Cement Paste Containing Refined TiO2 Obtained from Waste Sludge

윤현노(Yoon, Hyunno) ; 서준호(Seo, Joonho) ; 김선혁(Kim, Seonhyeok) ; 배진호(Bae, Jinho) ; 길태건(Kil, Taegeon) ; 이행기(Lee, Haeng-Ki)

Stability Evaluation on Particle Size Characteristics of Bed Materials at High-Velocity Flow

김광수(Kim, Gwang Soo) ; 정동규(Jung, Dong Gyu) ; 김영도(Kim, Young Do) ; 박용성(Park, Yong Sung)

Determination of Optimum Capacity Rainwater Utilizing Facilities by Analysis of the Water Supply by Land Use Scenario

임석화(Lim, Seok Hwa) ; 김병성(Kim, Byung Sung) ; 류경식(Ryoo, Kyong Sik) ; 이상진(Lee, Sang Jin)

Prediction of Life Expectancy of Asphalt Road Pavement by Region

송현엽(Song, Hyun Yeop) ; 최승현(Choi, Seung Hyun) ; 한대석(Han, Dae Seok) ; 도명식(Do, Myung Sik)