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Thermal Conductivity Estimation of Soils Using Coil Shaped Ground Heat Exchanger

윤석(Yoon, Seok) ; 이승래(Lee, Seung-Rae) ; 박현구(Park, Hyunku) ; 박스칸(Park, Skhan)

Test method for Young's Modulus of Parallel Graded Coarse Granular Materials by Large Triaxial Test

이성진(Lee, Sung Jin) ; 추연욱(Choo, Yun Wook) ; 황수범(Hwang, Su Beom) ; 김기재(Kim, Ki Jae)

A Study on Load Bearing Capacity of Composite Member with Steel Rib and Shotcrete in NATM Tunnel

문상화(Moon, Sang Hwa) ; 신영완(Shin, Young Wan) ; 김승환(Kim, Seung Hwan) ; 유한규(Yoo, Han Kyu)

Model Test Study on the Reinforcing Effect of Inclined System Bolting

이재덕(Lee, Jea-Dug) ; 김병일(Kim, Byoung-Il) ; 박명선(Piao, Ming-Shan) ; 유완규(Yoo, Wan-Kyu)