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Comparison and Analysis of Observation Data of Rainfall Sensor for Vehicle and Rainfall Station

이충대(Lee, Chung Dae) ; 이병현(Lee, Byung Hyun) ; 조형제(Cho, Hyeong Je) ; 김병식(Kim, Byung Sik)

Determination of the Optimal Return Period for River Design using Bayes Theory

류재희(Ryu, Jae Hee) ; 이진영(Lee, Jin-Young) ; 김지은(Kim, Ji Eun) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong)

Environmental Impact and Water Foot Print Assessment of Pot Bearing Using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

박지형(Park, Jihyung) ; 위대형(Wie, Daehyung) ; 고광훈(Ko, Kwanghoon) ; 황용우(Hwang, Yongwoo)