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Improvement in Design Load and Seismic Performance Objective for Industrial and Environmental Facilities

김익현(Kim, Ickhyun) ; 홍기증(Hong, Kee-Jeung) ; 김정한(Kim, Jung Han) ; 이진호(Lee, Jin Ho) ; 조성국(Cho, Sunggook) ; 이진형(Lee, Jin-Hyeong)

Stress Distribution Characteristics of Surrounding Reinforcing Bars due to Reinforcing Bar Cutting in Penetration

정철헌(Chung, Chul-Hun) ; 문일환(Moon, Il Hwan) ; 이정휘(Lee, Jungwhee) ; 송재철(Song, Jae Cheol)

Reinforcing Effect of Buildings Considering Load Distribution Characteristics of a Pre-compressed Micropile

이광훈(Lee, Kwang Hoon) ; 박용찬(Park, Yong Chan) ; 문성진(Moon, Sung Jin) ; 유광호(You, Kwang Ho)

AI-based Construction Site Prioritization for Safety Inspection Using Big Data

황윤호(Hwang, Yun-Ho) ; 지석호(Chi, Seokho) ; 이현승(Lee, Hyeon-Seung) ; 정현준(Jung, Hyunjun)