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Full-Scale Test on Precast Concrete Arch Bridge with Reinforced Joint and Backfill

정철헌(Chung, Chulhun) ; 주상훈(Joo, Sanghoon) ; 최동찬(Choi, Dongchan) ; 이종윤(Lee, Jongyun)

Comparison of Flexural Tensile Behaviors with Different Filling Directions in Producing UHPCC Flexural Member

강수태(Kang, Su-Tae) ; 류금성(Ryu, Gum Sung) ; 고경택(Koh, Kyung Taek) ; 김선용(Kim, Sunyong)

Assessment of Snowmelt Impact on Chungju Dam Watershed Inflow Using Terra MODIS Data and SWAT Model

김샛별(Kim, Saet Byul) ; 안소라(Ahn, So Ra) ; 신형진(Shin, Hyung Jin) ; 김성준(Kim, Seong Joon)