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Title Effect of Moisture Conditions and Curing Conditions of Recycled Coarse Aggregate on Concrete Compressive Strength
Authors 신민건(Shin, Mingun) ; 부상필(Boo, Sangpil) ; 박상렬(Park, Sangyeol) ; 문경태(Moon, Kyoungtae)
Page pp.283-290
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 순환골재;재생골재;함수상태;양생조건;압축 강도 Recycled aggregate;Moisture condition;Curing condition;Compressive strength
Abstract Currently, the quality standards for recycled aggregates in Korea are very high, at almost the same level as natural aggregates, so recycled
aggregates cannot be widely used for concrete. In particular, it is necessary to evaluate how the moisture conditions and curing conditions
of recycled aggregates with high absorption rates and wearing rates affect the compressive strength of concrete. Therefore, in this study,
we wanted to investigate the effects on compressive strength through experiments using the moisture conditions and curing conditions
of recycled coarse aggregate as variables, and compare the compressive strength characteristics of natural coarse aggregate concrete.
As a result of this experimental study, the effect of compressive strength on concrete using recycled coarse aggregates according to curing
conditions was similar to that of natural aggregate concrete, and the compressive strength showed a low strength of about 13 to 17 %.
The effect of the moisture conditions of recycled coarse aggregates was that in the case of wet curing, concrete using wet aggregate showed
slightly higher compressive strength than concrete using dry aggregate, but in the case of air curing, on the contrary, dry recycled aggregate
concrete was relatively higher than wet aggregate concrete.