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Title Numerical Simulation of Submerged Hydraulic Jump Using k-ω SST Turbulence Model
Authors 최성욱(Choi, Seongwook)
Page pp.329-336
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 가동보;수중도수;평균흐름;난류량;k-ω SST 난류모형 Movable weir;Submerged hydraulic jump;Mean flows;Turbulence statistics;k-ωSST turbulence model
Abstract In the case of multi-function weirs installed in Korea, the free hydraulic jump or the submerged hydraulic jump is occurred depending
on the height of the gate opening and the tailwater level when the sluice gate of the movable weir is partially opened. In this study, the
submerged hydraulic jump for the flows under the sluice gate were simulated and the mean flow, turbulence statistics, and relative water
depth are investigated using numerical simulation. For numerical simulation, the unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equation,
volume of fluid method, and k-ωSST turbulence model were used. The numerical model was validated using the results of other
researchers' previously performed experiments, and it was investigated that the numerical model appropriately simulates the two-phase
flow in the hydraulic jump. In addition, the distribution of mean flow, turbulence statistics, and the length of recirculation region was