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A Conspicuity Effect Study of Fluorescent Orange Color Traffic Sings for Work Zone Application

고상근(Ko, Sangkeun) ; 최기주(Choi, Keechoo) ; 이상수(Lee, Sang-Soo) ; 윤일수(Yun, Ilsoo)

Analysis on Visibility of Delineators by Survey

권성대(Kwon, Sung-Dae) ; 박제진(Park, Je-Jin) ; 남창규(Nam, Chang-Kyu) ; 하태준(Ha, Tae-Jun)

Strategy Improvement of Construction Management in the Owner's View Point

이상욱(Lee, Sang-Ok) ; 박진홍(Park, Jin-Hong) ; 장원석(Jang, Won-Suk)

Development of Business Process Model for Overseas Natural Gas Pipeline Project at the Project Planning Phase

신언일(Sin, Eonill) ; 한승헌(Han, Seung-Heon) ; 장우식(Jang, Woosik) ; 이용욱(Lee, Yong-Wook)

A Study on the Determination of Slip-up Time for Slip-Form System using Surface Wave Velocity

김희석(Kim, Heeseok) ; 김영진(Kim, Young Jin) ; 진원종(Chin, Won Jong) ; 윤혜진(Yoon, Hyejin)