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Construction Stage Analysis of Structure Settlement Using Underpinning

이종협(Lee, Jonghyop) ; 허승진(Heo, Seungjin) ; 옥수열(Ok, Suyeol) ; 임윤묵(Lim, Yunmook)

An Assessment of the Prestress Force on the Bonded Tendon Using the Strain and the Stress Wave Velocity

장정범(Jang, Jung Bum) ; 황경민(Hwang, Kyeong Min) ; 이홍표(Lee, Hong Pyo) ; 김병화(Kim, Byeong Hwa)

Seismic Performance of RC Columns Confined by Outside Lateral Reinforcement

이도형(Lee, Do Hyung) ; 오장균(Oh, Jangkyun) ; 유완동(Yu, Wan Dong) ; 최은수(Choi, Eunsoo)