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Ductility Improvement of Square RC Columns by Using Continuous Spiral Stirrup

조경훈(Cho, Kyung Hun) ; 이태희(Lee, Tae Hee) ; 이정빈(Lee, Jung Bin) ; 김성보(Kim, Sung Bo) ; 김장호(Kim, Jang Jay Ho)

A Study on the Analysis of the Fracture Behavior of Pallet Racks due to Earthquake Load

김충길(Kim, Chunggil) ; 허광희(Heo, Gwanghee) ; 정성훈(Jeong, Seonghoon) ; 김선태(Kim, Sun Tae) ; 서영득(Seo, Youngdeuk) ; 고병찬(Ko, Byeongchan)

A Method for Information Management of Defects in Bridge Superstructure Using BIM-COBie

이상호(Lee, Sangho) ; 이정빈(Lee, Jung-Bin) ; 탁호균(Tak, Ho-Kyun) ; 이상호(Lee, Sang-Ho)

Analysis of Drought Hotspot Areas Using Local Indicators of Spatial Association in the Nakdong River Basin

손호준(Son, Ho-Jun) ; 변성호(Byun, Sung Ho) ; 박경운(Park, Kyung Woon) ; 김지은(Kim, Ji Eun) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong)

Buckling Loads of Piles with Allowance for Self-Weight

이준규(Lee, Joon-Kyu) ; 이광우(Lee, Kwang-Woo) ; 전영진(Jeon, Young-Jin) ; 권오일(Kwon, O-Il) ; 최용혁(Choi, Yong-Hyuk) ; 최정식(Choi, Jeong-Sik)

A Study on the Travel Behavior and Perception of Air Traffic in Jeju Island: Before Covid-19

허겸(Hur, Kyum) ; 이현미(Lee, Hyunmi) ; 전교석(Jeon, Gyoseok) ; 최정윤(Choi, Jung Yoon)

Determination on Connection Type of Entrance/Exit on Urban Roads

이형무(Lee, Hyung-Mu) ; 권성대(Kwon, Sung-Dae) ; 오석진(Oh, Seok-Jin)