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Title Research on Preventing Deformation of Oil Pipelines in High-temperature and High-pressure Environments Through Finite Element Analysis
Authors 이헌우(Lee, Heon-Woo) ; 아시프 라비아(Asif, Rabea) ; 허종완(Hu, Jong-Wan)
Page pp.271-276
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 송유관;비전통 오일;유한요소해석;최적화 Oil pipelines;Unconventional oil;Finite element analysis;Optimization
Abstract Traditional oil, a depleting resource, accounts for only one-third of the world's oil reserves, so research and cases of utilizing non-traditional
oil as a resource are continuously increasing. However, unconventional oil contains bitumen containing solid particles such as sand,
and because it is exposed to a high temperature and high pressure environment, deformation can frequently occur in oil pipelines.
Therefore, variables such as material, thickness, and angle that can affect the deformation of the oil pipeline were derived and applied
to the oil pipeline, and finite element analysis was performed using the Ansys program. As a result of finite element analysis, deformation
and maximum load capacity were derived. Afterwards, the same analysis was performed by modeling an optimized oil pipeline by
combining the factors with the best deformation resistance and maximum load capacity. As a result of the analysis, the effect of reducing
deformation and increasing the maximum load capacity by about 30 % was confirmed, and factors for suppressing deformation when
analyzing oil pipelines were derived.