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Passive Force Acting on the Kicker Block Used to Support a Raker in Soft and Weathered Soil

김태형(Kim, Tae Hyung) ; 박이근(Park, Lee Keun) ; 김태오(Kim, Tae O) ; 진현식(Jin, Hyun Sik)

Effectiveness Analysis and Application of Phosphorescent Pavement Markings for Improving Visibility

이용주(Yi, Yongju) ; 이규진(Lee, Kyujin) ; 김상태(Kim, Sangtae) ; 최기주(Choi, Keechoo)

Decision Support System for Small Unit in Regional Development

남송현(Nam, Song Hyun) ; 서세덕(Seo, Se Deok) ; 박형근(Park, Hyung Keun)