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Title Investigation of Drought Propagation and Damage Characteristics Using Meteorological and Hydrological Drought Indices
Authors 김지은(Kim, Ji Eun) ; 손호준(Son, Ho-Jun) ; 김태식(Kim, Taesik) ; 김원범(Kim, Won-Beom) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong)
Page pp.291-302
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 가뭄지수;가뭄 전이;전이 특성;가뭄 피해 Drought index;Drought propagation;Propagation characteristics;Drought damage pattern
Abstract Sustained meteorological drought can lead to hydrological drought, known as drought propagation. The propagated droughts cause
more damage to the region than the non-propagated droughts. Recent studies on drought propagation have focused on identifying the
lag time using correlation analysis. There is a lack of studies comparing damage patterns between propagated and non-propagated
droughts. In this study, the overlap and pooling propagation between meteorological and hydrological droughts were analyzed using
drought indices in Chungcheong Province to identify drought propagation, and the propagation characteristics such as pooling,
attenuation, lag and extension were analyzed. The results showed that although Chungju-si experienced a meteorological drought in
2010, no damage was caused by the drought. However, a meteorological drought in 2017 and 2018 propagated into a hydrological drought
of longer duration but less severity, resulting in drought-affected damage. Similarly, Cheongyang-gun experienced a meteorological
drought in 2017, but no damage was reported from the drought. However, in the neighboring county of Buyeo-gun, a meteorological
drought with a similar magnitude propagated to a hydrological drought during the same period, resulting in drought-affected damage.
The overall results indicated that the damage from propagated drought events was more severe than the non-propagated drought events,
and these results can be used as basic data for establishing drought response policies suitable for the region.