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Estimation of Structural Deformed Shapes Using Limited Number of Displacement Measurements

최준호(Choi, Junho) ; 김승준(Kim, Seungjun) ; 한승룡(Han, Seungryong) ; 강영종(Kang, Youngjong)

Effects of Corrugated Webs on the Ultimate Behavior of Horizontally Curved I-shaped Girders

김승준(Kim, Seungjun) ; 한택희(Han, Taek Hee) ; 원덕희(Won, Deok Hee) ; 강영종(Kang, Young Jong)

Estimation of Design Discharge Considering Nonstationarity for River Restoration in the Mokgamcheon

이길성(Lee, Kil Seong) ; 오진호(Oh, Jin-Ho) ; 박기두(Park, Kidoo) ; 성장현(Sung, Jang-Hyun)