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Effects of Geometric Characteristics on the Ultimate Behavior of Steel Cable-stayed Bridges

김승준(Kim, Seungjun) ; 신도형(Shin, Do Hyoung) ; 최병호(Choi, Byung Ho) ; 강영종(Kang, Young Jong)

Dynamic Characteristic of Truss Type Lift Gate by Model Tests

이성행(Lee, Seong Haeng) ; 신동욱(Shin, Dong Wook) ; 김경남(Kim, Kyoung Nam) ; 정경섭(Jung, Kyoung Sup)

Torsional and Warping Constants of I-shaped Plate Girders with a Sine Corrugated Web

김승준(Kim, Seungjun) ; 전진수(Jeon, Jin Su) ; 원덕희(Won, Deok Hee) ; 강영종(Kang, Young Jong)

An Aesthetic Design Approach for the Landscape of Aqueduct Bridges

전건영(Jeon, Geon Yeong) ; 김남희(Kim, Namhee) ; 허영(Huh, Young)

Long-Term Measurement of Static Strains of Jacket Type Offshore Structure under Severe Tidal Current Environments

이진학(Yi, Jin-Hak) ; 박진순(Park, Jin-Soon) ; 박준석(Park, Jun-Seok) ; 이광수(Lee, Kwang-Soo)

Analysis of Patched Cylindrical Shells with Circumferential Through-Wall Cracks

안재석(Ahn, Jae-Seok) ; 김영욱(Kim, Young-Wook) ; 우광성(Woo, Kwang-Sung)