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An Experimental Study on Reinforcement Method for Reuse of Onshore Wind Turbine Spread Footing Foundations

송성훈(Song, Sung Hoon) ; 정연주(Jeong, Youn Ju) ; 박민수(Park, Min Su) ; 김정수(Kim, Jeong Soo)

Natural Frequency Characteristics of Vertically Loaded Barrettes

이준규(Lee, Joon Kyu) ; 고준영(Ko, Jun Young) ; 최용혁(Choi, Yong Hyuk) ; 박구병(Park, Ku Byoung) ; 김재영(Kim, Jae Young)

A Pilot Study on Installation Criteria of Speed Change Lanes according to the Implementation of Safety Speed "5030" in the Urban Area

오석진(Oh, Seok-Jin) ; 하태준(Ha, Tae-Jun) ; 진태희(Jin, Tae-Hee) ; 신광민(Shin, Kwang-Min) ; 이강석(Lee, Gang-Seok)

Improvement of Methodology for Appraising Tram Projects Considering the Effect of Buses

최지호(Choi, Ji Ho) ; 정성봉(Chung, Sung Bong) ; 배태희(Bae, Tae Hee) ; 명묘희(Myung, Myo Hee)