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Title Performance of the Road Network with Market Penetration Rates and Traffic Volumes of Autonomous Vehicle using Traffic Simulation
Authors 도명식(Do, Myungsik) ; 정유미(Jeong, Yumi)
Page pp.349-360
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 자율주행자동차;혼입률;한계대체율;무차별곡선의 볼록성 Autonomous Vehicle (AV);Penetration rate;Marginal rate of substitution;Convexity of indifference curve
Abstract The purpose of this study is to analyze the performance of the road network according to the penetration rate of autonomous vehicles
(AV) of Level 4 or higher and the change in traffic volume. First, prior studies related to vehicle control variables of AV were reviewed,
and future traffic demand in 2040, which is predicted to have a 50 % market share of AVs, was reflected in the simulation analysis. In
addition, the change in traffic flow of continuous and intermittent flows was analyzed by increasing the AV market penetration rate and
traffic volume of passenger cars, trucks, and buses by 25 % step by step from 0 to 100 %. As a result of the analysis, it was confirmed
that the travel time increased as the traffic increased, and the pattern of decreasing the travel time due to the increase in the share of AVs,
that is, the development of technology, can also be confirmed. Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the traffic speed showed a trend
of increasing as the share of AVs increased. In this study, it was confirmed that the law of diminishing marginal rate of substitution (MRS)
was satisfied by calculating the MRS according to the combination of traffic volume and speed while increasing the market penetration
rate of AVs. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the convexity of the indifference curve was also satisfied in both intermittent and
continuous traffic flow environments.