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Prediction of Urban Flood Extent by LSTM Model and Logistic Regression

김현일(Kim, Hyun Il) ; 한건연(Han, Kun Yeun) ; 이재영(Lee, Jae Yeong)

A Consideration on the Electromagnetic Properties of Road Pavement Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

이지영(Rhee, Jiyoung) ; 심재원(Shim, Jaewon) ; 이상래(Lee, Sangrae) ; 이강현(Lee, Kang-Hyun)

An Estimation of Appropriate Standby Space for Mechanical Parking Lot by Prediction of Parking Queue

진태희(Jin, Tae-Hee) ; 박제진(Park, Je-Jin) ; 박진만(Park, Jin-Man) ; 하태준(Ha, Tae-Jun)

A Study on Wildfire Disaster Response based on Cases of International Disaster Safety Management Systems

이지현(Lee, Jihyun) ; 박민수(Park, Minsoo) ; 정대교(Jung, Dae-kyo) ; 박승희(Park, Seunghee)