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Title A Study on Scour Characteristics of Artificial Reef-Installed Grounds in the East and West Coasts
Authors 윤대호(Yun, Dae-Ho) ; 임병권(Lim, Byeong-Gwon) ; 이지성(Lee, Ji-Sung) ; 김윤태(Kim, Yun-Tae)
Page pp.337-348
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 인공어초;세굴;유속;해저 지반 Artificial reef;Scour;Velocity;Seabed
Abstract Artificial reef often experiences a functional loss due to scour, even though serveral surveys of a seabed were performed prior to installation.
Particularly in the east and west coasts in Korea, where the artificial reefs are installed, there are clear differences in the geotechnical
characteristics of the seabed. Therefore, in this study, both field surveys and laboratory experiments were conducted to investigate the
scouring characteristics of artificial reefs installed on the east and west coasts of Korea. The laboratory experiments were performed
with different velocities and soil types. The field survey results of artificial reef revealed that artificial reef-installed seabeds in the east
and west coasts are more vulnerable to scour than settlement. Particularly in the west coast, the loss ratio caused by scour was found
to exceed 50 % in most cases. The experimental results showed that scouring occurred faster and more severely on the west coast seabed,
which has a smaller particle size compared to the east coast. Additionally when the scour depth exceeded approximately 10 % of the
height of the artificial reef, the artificial reef tilted forward and further scouring was induced.