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Evaluation of Structural Capacity of SC Walls in Nuclear Power Plant accounting for the Area Lost to Openings

정철헌(Chung, Chul-Hun) ; 정래영(Jung, Raeyoung) ; 문일환(Moon, Il Hwan) ; 이정휘(Lee, Jungwhee)

Investigation for Bed Stabilization Methods in the Upstream Channel of Haman Weir Using CCHE2D Model

장은경(Jang, Eun Kyung) ; 지운(Ji, Un) ; 권용성(Kwon, Yong Sung) ; 여운광(Yeo, Woon Kwang)

Comparison of Precipitation Characteristics using Rainfall Indicators Between North and South Korea

이보람(Lee, Bo-Ram) ; 정은성(Chung, Eun-Sung) ; 김태웅(Kim, Tae-Woong) ; 권현한(Kwon, Hyun-Han)

Application of K-DRUM Model for Pakistan Kunhar River Basin Considering Long-term Snow Melt and Cover

박진혁(Park, Jin Hyeog) ; 허영택(Hur, Young Teck) ; 노준우(Noh, Joon Woo) ; 김세원(Kim, Seo-Won)

Re-Analysis of Clark Model Based on Drainage Structure of Basin

박상현(Park, Sang Hyun) ; 김주철(Kim, Joo Cheol) ; 정동국(Jeong, Dong Kug) ; 정관수(Jung, Kwan Sue)