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Development of a Lightweight Construction Material Using Hollow Glass Microspheres

이난경(Lee, Nankyoung) ; 문주혁(Moon, Juhyuk)

Drought Assessment with SPI and DRI in Uiryeong-Gun

곽제상(Kwak, Jesang) ; 김광섭(Kim, Gwangseob) ; 정영훈(Jung, Younghun) ; 엄명진(Um, Myoung-Jin)

Horizontal Wave Pressures on the Crown Wall of Rubble Mound Breakwater Under a Non-Breaking Condition: Effect of the Armour Crest Width

이종인(Lee, Jong-In) ; 임호석(Lim, Ho Seok) ; 조지훈(Cho, Ji Hoon)

A Study of the Regeneration of Spent GAC using an Electrochemical Method

이상민(Lee, Sangmin) ; 주수빈(Joo, Soobin) ; 조영수(Jo, Youngsoo) ; 오예지(Oh, Yeji) ; 김형준(Kim, Hyungjun) ; 심인태(Shim, Intae)

Study on the Determination of the Maximum Injection Pressure for Groundwater Rechargement

최진오(Choi, Jin O) ; 정현철(Jeong, Hyeon Cheol) ; 정충기(Chung, Choong Ki) ; 김창용(Kim, Chang Yong)

Effect of New Tunnelling on the Behaviour of Grouped Pile and Adjacent Tunnel

김수빈(Kim, Su Bin) ; 오동욱(Oh, Dong-Wook) ; 조현준(Cho, Hyeon Jun) ; 이용주(Lee, Yong-Joo)

A Framework for Calculating the Spatiotemporal Activation Section of LDM-Based Autonomous Driving Information

강찬모(Kang, Chanmo) ; 정연식(Chung, Younshik) ; 박재형(Park, Jaehyung)

A Study of the Effect of the KTX Mulgeum Station Stop on Railroad Users in Yangsan City

최양원(Choi, Yang-Won) ; 장재석(Jang, Jae-Suck) ; 서정렬(Suh, Jeong-Yeal)

Thickness Design of Composite Pavement for Heavy-Duty Roads Considering Cumulative Fatigue Damage in Roller-Compacted Concrete Base

김경수(Kim, Kyoung Su) ; 김영규(Kim, Young Kyu) ; 차이 리후워(Chhay Lyhour) ; 이승우(Lee, Seung Woo)