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Title Determinants of Trust in Local Governments - Focusing on Risk Perception
Authors 이윤주(Lee, Yun Ju) ; 최열(Choi, Yeol)
Page pp.591-597
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 사회 안전 인식; 지방 정부; 순서형 로짓 모형; 도시 안전 Risk perception; Local government; Ordinal logit; Urban safety
Abstract As social anxiety is increasing due to the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the responses at the level of local governments arealso changing depending on the characteristics. We analyzed the factors influencing perceptions of social safety as they relate to the trustworthiness of local governments. Based on a 2020 social survey of 16 cities, counties, and districtsin Busan Metropolitan City, theeffects of householder characteristics, economic characteristics, local attachment characteristics, and socialsafety perception characteristics on the reliability of the local government were analyzed through an ordinal logistic regression analysis. It was found that the more vulnerable the class was and the safer the region was, the higher the trust was in the basic local government. In order to respondand preemptively recover damage in natural and social disaster situations, continuous efforts are needed to strengthen the capabilities of basic local governments.