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Title Horizontal Wave Pressures on the Crown Wall of Rubble Mound Breakwater Under a Non-Breaking Condition: Effect of the Armour Crest Width
Authors 이종인(Lee, Jong-In) ; 임호석(Lim, Ho Seok) ; 조지훈(Cho, Ji Hoon)
Page pp.469-480
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 상치콘크리트; 피복재 어깨폭; 수평파압; 고다식; 보정계수 Crown wall; Armour crest width; Horizontal wave pressure; Goda’s formula; Modification factor
Abstract To design the crown wall of rubble-mound breakwaters, the horizontal wave load should be available, but determining this load remains difficult. Lee et al. proposed modification factors for Goda’s formula for the horizontal wave pressures on acrown wall. Theempirical formula by Lee et al. was based on a two-dimensional model test with a relatively narrow armour crest width in front of the crown wall. In this study, a series of experiments at the same facility were conducted on the horizontal wave pressures on the crown wall of a rubble-mound breakwater with a wide armour crest width. As a result, the pressures of the unprotected part of the crown wallwere nearly identical to the narrow crest width. However, the pressures of the protected part tended to decrease with a change in the armour crest width. From the experimental results, the horizontal pressure modification factors of Goda’s formula including the armour crest width effect are suggested here and are likely applicable to practical designs of the crown walls of rubble-mound breakwaters covered with tetrapods.