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Title Numerical Analysis of Electrical Resistance Variation according to Geometry of Underground Structure
Authors 김태영(Kim, Tae Young) ; 류희환(Ryu, Hee Hwan) ; 정성훈(Chong, Song-Hun)
Page pp.49-62
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 지하매설물; 전기비저항 탐사; 정량화된 메쉬; 전기저항 수치 해석 모듈; 전위 분포 Underground structure; Electrical resistivity survey; Generalized mesh; Electrical resistance numerical module; Electric potential distribution
Abstract Reckless development of the underground by rapid urbanization causes inspection delay on replacement of existing structure and installation new facilities. However, frequent accidents occur due to deviation in construction design planned by inaccurate location information of underground structure. Meanwhile, the electrical resistivity survey, knowns as non-destructive method, is based on the difference in the electric potential of electrodes to measure the electrical resistance of ground. This method is significantly advanced with multi-electrode and deep learning for analyzing strata. However, there is no study to quantitatively assess change in electrical resistance according to geometric conditions of structures. This study evaluates changes in electrical resistance through geometric parameters of electrodes and structure. Firstly, electrical resistance numerical module is developed using generalized mesh occurring minimal errors between theoretical and numerical resistance values. Then, changes in resistances are quantitatively compared on geometric parameters including burial depth, diameter of structure, and distance electrode and structure under steady current condition. The results show that higher electrical resistance is measured for shallow depth, larger size, and proximity to the electrode. Additionally, electric potential and current density distributions are analyzed to discuss the measured electrical resistance around the terminal electrode and structure.