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Title Load-carrying Capacity Evaluation Method for RC Slab Bridges using the Damage Evaluation Process
Authors 이희현(Lee, Hee-Hyun) ; 김유희(Kim, Yuhee) ; 전준창(Jeon, Jun-Chang)
Page pp.543-553
ISSN 10156348
Keywords RC 슬래브 교량; 손상도 평가 프로세스; 강성저하율; 공용내하력; 응답보정계 RC slab bridge; Damage evaluation process; Stiffness reduction rate; Load-carrying capacity; Response correction factor
Abstract This study was conducted to propose a simple method to evaluate the load-carrying capacity of RC slab bridges, which have been most frequently constructed in Korea. A number of RC slab bridges have been considerably deteriorated associate with the long service year. However, since these bridges are not included in the 1st and 2nd class infrastructures due to their short span length, they have been relatively neglected compared to other bridge types in terms of safety management. In the previous theoretical study, a process (draft) was proposed for evaluating the damage of RC slab bridges using the relationship between the displacement response ratio and the stiffness reduction rate derived by the measured displacement and natural frequency. In this paper, to verify the validity of the proposed damage evaluation process (draft), the results to the actual bridges were compared with the safety grade and the Matsui's deterioration index. In addition, to enhance the practical applicability of the existing process (draft), an improved method approximately evaluating the load-carrying capacity using only the measured natural frequency was presented. If an error of 10% of the load-carrying capacity is allowed, it is judged that the proposed damage evaluation process can be appropriately used not only for evaluating the safety of RC slab bridges, but also for determining priorities for their maintenance.