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Title GIS Macro Evaluation System for Urban Walk - Focusing on Busan -
Authors 유연서(Yu, Yeon seo) ; 김종구(Kim, Jong gu)
Page pp.581-590
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 걷기; 보행; 평가체계; 걷기좋은 도시; 도시설계 Walking; Ambulation; Evaluation system; Walkable city; Urban design
Abstract It is important to create a decent pedestrian space in order to realize a public space that can ultimately improve the quality of life based on guaranteeing people's right to move while also enhancing urban activity. The goal of this study is to develop a pedestrian path evaluation system in order to lay the foundation for data construction leading to the creation of such elegant walking space. First, a basic system was established in keeping with factors and the space, and this system was used as the basic framework of the study. The trends identified in the literature can be divided into eight categories, denoted here as: Walking safety policy, Walking focused plan,Recognition transition, Transportaion system, Activity-linked walking, Facility utilization walking, Nature and history linked walking and Content convergence walking. The macro- and micro-indices and factors mentioned in related studies were synthesized and classified, and the basis for universality and differentiation was established by integrating them. Next, according to the basic composition of the walking system, Walking potential and slope safety in the Safety category, Basic walking connectivity and Trafficlinkage in the Efficiency category, Walking arrangement and Rest convenience in the Health category, and Resource connectivity and Activity abundance in the Comfortability category macro evaluation system of the eight categories were established and acorresponding measurement method was developed.