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Title Analysis of the Energy Consumption of Tourism Hotels in Relation to Individual and Locational Characteristics
Authors 박혜란(Park, Hyeran) ; 김현수(Kim, Hyunsoo) ; 최열(Choi, Yeol)
Page pp.571-579
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 에너지소비; 관광호텔업; 입지특성; 다수준분석; 지역에너지 정책 Energy consumption; Hotel industry; Locational determinant; Multi-level regression; Local energy policy
Abstract This research empirically analyzed the factors associated with the energy consumption of tourism hotels in Busan, Ulsan, and the Kyoungnam region of Korea based on their individual and locational characteristics. The study adopted a comprehensive modelingapproach involving multi-level regression analyses that allowed for improved accuracy by considering the hierarchical structures of thehotels and their locational characteristics. The results indicated that the majority of energy consumption can be explained by the hotels’individual characteristics, including the size of building structure and the services, while their effects vary by region with statistical significance. Furthermore, the proximity to central commercial districts and hotel clusters had a significant influence on thevariability in their energy consumption, indicating that locational factors are also important determinants. The findings here suggest the need for regional energy policies and solutions at various urban scales along with conventional energy policies at the building level and highlight regional responsibilities when attempting to create sustainable tourism industries.