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Title Development of a Cloud-Based Infrastructure Engineering Design Platform Prototype
Authors 조명환(Cho, Myung-Hwan) ; 표길섭(Pyo, Kil Seop) ; 윤승욱(Youn, Seung Wook) ; 정남정(Jung, Nahm-Chung)
Page pp.559-569
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 인프라 엔지니어링 플랫폼; 도로 설계; 설계 도구; 클라우드; 데이터베이스 Infrastructure engineering platform; Road design; Design tool; Cloud; Database
Abstract Infrastructure engineering is a field that supports construction (assembly) as a representative industry that creates high added value and jobs by combining science and technology with knowledge, though its importance is underestimated. According to a report from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Korea), the value-added rate (65.3%) of the engineering industry and the employment inducement coefficient (14 employees per billion won) are three times higher than in manufacturing. In particular,the forward value chain (such as project management and basic design) accounts for less than 10~15% of the total project cost but determines the overall price and quality of the infrastructure facilities. In this study, a work break-down system, design support module and databasedevelopment method for road design projects for design platform development is presented. Based on the presented development method, a cloud-based infrastructure design platform's prototype isdeveloped. The developed infrastructure engineering platform is expected to provide a web-based design work environment without time/space restrictions and greatly contribute to winning overseasbusiness orders and securing competitiveness.