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Title UAV-based Construction Site Monitoring and Analysis System Development for Civil Engineering Management
Authors 김창윤(Kim, Changyoon) ; 윤준희(Youn, Junhee)
Page pp.549-557
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 시공관리; 토목프로젝트; 드론; 현장관리; 무인비행장치 Construction management; Civil construction project; Drone; Prcess management; Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Abstract Due to harsh conditions of construction site, understanding of current feature of terrain and other infrastructures is critical issue for site managers. However, because of difficulties in acquiring the geographical information of the construction sites such as large sites and limited capability of construction workers, comprehensive site investigation of current feature of construction site is not an easy taskfor construction managers. To address these circumstances of construction sites, this study deduce difficulties and applicabilities of unmanned aerial vehicle in the area of construction site management. To confirm applicability of UAV in civil construction project,case study have been conducted on the road construction project. The result of case study proved that the developed system is one of promising technologies that has been studied in construction site management. To improve applicability of UAV for construction and process management information, law and technical issues will be an important area of future study.