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Title Effect of New Tunnelling on the Behaviour of Grouped Pile and Adjacent Tunnel
Authors 김수빈(Kim, Su Bin) ; 오동욱(Oh, Dong-Wook) ; 조현준(Cho, Hyeon Jun) ; 이용주(Lee, Yong-Joo)
Page pp.509-517
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 터널굴착; 군말뚝; 전단변형; 수치해석; 말뚝중심간격 Tunnel excavation; Grouped pile; Shear deformation; Numerical analysis; Pile spacing
Abstract The demand for underground infrastructures such as tunnels is expanding due to rapid urbanization. Tunnels in urban areas are usuallyconstructed adjacent to structures supported by piles. Therefore, a proper understanding of pile-tunnel interaction due to tunnel excavation activities is vital. Thus, in this study, a numerical analysis is conducted to analyze pile settlements, ground surface settlements and shear deformations above an existing tunnel subject to the presence of an adjacent tunnelling, with vertical offsets, the number of piles and the pile spacing considered as variables in the analysis. The results show that the vertical offsets between the tunnel crown and the pile tip generatelarger settlement than the pile spacing. In addition, the vertical offset shows an inversely proportional relationship to the shear deformation due to new tunnelling.