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Title Study on the Determination of the Maximum Injection Pressure for Groundwater Rechargement
Authors 최진오(Choi, Jin O) ; 정현철(Jeong, Hyeon Cheol) ; 정충기(Chung, Choong Ki) ; 김창용(Kim, Chang Yong)
Page pp.501-508
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 지하수 함양; 함양정; 최대 주입압; 응력경로 배합시험 Groundwater recharge; Recharge well; Maximum injection pressure; Back pressure test
Abstract Required essential technique is to determine the maximum recharge pressure in the well with condition of non-ground failure for therecovery of the groundwater. Based on the classical soil mechanics, the maximum recharge pressure was estimated with the numericalanlaysis and laboratory triaxial test. In the numerical analysis, the maximum recharge pressure is defined as the ground failure stress. The ground failure of the sand was defined as the piping and the one of the caly was to the undrained failure by the confined pressure increment. In the triaxial test, the recharge pressure in the ground was modified by the back pressure in the specimen. In case of sand, the volume strain was dramatically increased at the 93 % of the maximum back pressure, same meaning of the 0 effective stress state. In case of clay, the only radial volume strain was to reached 1.5 % without failure. Therefore, The maximum recharge pressure could be determined with the numerical analysis and triaxial test.