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Title Application of the Proper Air Supply Amount Based on the Influent Water Quality for the Development of Efficient Blower Control Logic in Sewage Treatment Plants
Authors 여우석(Yeo, Wooseok) ; 김종규(Kim, Jong Kyu)
Page pp.493-499
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 유입수질; Blower Control Logic; 산소요구량; 송풍량 Influent water quality; Blower control logic; Oxygen demand; Aeration volume
Abstract The standards pertaining to the quality of discharged water in sewage treatment plants are strengthening, and accordingly, facilities in sewage treatment plants are being upgraded. In addition, the discharge water quality of sewage treatment plants must be maintained at a high level, and efficient sewage treatment plant operations have thus emerged as a very important issue. For the efficient operation of sewagetreatment plants, this study applied a basic blowing amount calculation method based on sewage facilities to evaluate the required oxygen amount and blowing amount according to inflow water quality by logicizing various influencing factors. As a result of calculating the amount of air blown by applying actual April water quality data from sewage treatment plant A to the blower demand calculation developedthrough this study, it was found that the average amount of air blown was reduced by about 12%. When the blower demand calculation developed here is applied to an actual sewage treatment plant, the amount of air blown can be controlled based on the inflow water quality. This can facilitate the realization of an autonomous control of sewage treatment plants, in contrast to the existing sewage treatment operation method that relies on operational experience of operator. In addition, it is expected that efficient sewage treatment plants can be operated by reducing blowing amounts and power costs, which will contribute to both energy and carbon savings.