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Title A Study of the Regeneration of Spent GAC using an Electrochemical Method
Authors 이상민(Lee, Sangmin) ; 주수빈(Joo, Soobin) ; 조영수(Jo, Youngsoo) ; 오예지(Oh, Yeji) ; 김형준(Kim, Hyungjun) ; 심인태(Shim, Intae)
Page pp.481-491
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 월류수; 입상활성탄; 전기화학적 재생; 흡착; 탈착 Adsorption; CSOs; Desorption; Eletrochemical regeneration; GAC
Abstract This study investigates the characteristics of the GAC adsorption behavior during the operation of a multi-stage cross-flow filtration and GACadsorption process for the purpose of devising an advanced treatment of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and evaluates the regeneration efficiency of spent GAC that has reached the design breakpoint. During the filtration process, suspended substances are easily removed, but dissolved organic substances are not removed, necessitating a process capable of removing dissolved organic substances for the advanced treatment of CSOs. In general, GAC adsorption has been applied under low-concentration organic conditions, such as for water purification and tertiary treatmentsof sewage, and has rarely been applied under conditions with high organic concentrations, such as with sewage or CSOs. Accordingly, this study will provide a new and interesting experience. Also in this study, the continuous operation and breakthroughcharacteristicsof GAC according to the strength of the inflow organic matter were investigated, electrochemical regeneration was applied to the used GAC, and the regeneration efficiency was evaluated through desorption and re-adsorption tests. The results showed that the breakthrough period was 21 days under high concentration conditions, 28 days at medium concentrations, and 32 days under low concentration conditions. The desorption of adsorbed organic matter through electrolysis occurred in the range of 188 to 609 mgCOD/L depending on the electrolysis conditions, and the effect of the electrolyte type led to the finding that NaOH was slightly higher than H2O2.