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Title Drought Assessment with SPI and DRI in Uiryeong-Gun
Authors 곽제상(Kwak, Jesang) ; 김광섭(Kim, Gwangseob) ; 정영훈(Jung, Younghun) ; 엄명진(Um, Myoung-Jin)
Page pp.457-467
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 가뭄 지수; 가뭄 위험 지수; 가뭄 취약성 지수; 가뭄 위험요소 지수 Drought index; Drought risk index; Drought vulnerability index; Drought hazard index
Abstract Drought has strong local characteristics, an objective definition or standard that can define the progress or severity of drought is needed and to date, many drought-related studies are being conducted around the world. In this study, Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI), which is a representative meteorological drought index, was calculated, and the drought risk index (DRI) that can consider actual drought was applied to the target area, Uiryeong-gun, by applying the drought vulnerability index (DVI) and the drought hazard index (DHI). A method for practical drought evaluation that can establish a water supply system is presented in this study