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Title Development of a Lightweight Construction Material Using Hollow Glass Microspheres
Authors 이난경(Lee, Nankyoung) ; 문주혁(Moon, Juhyuk)
Page pp.449-455
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 경량골재; 경량 콘크리트; 시멘트 복합체; 중공 유리 마이크로스피어 Lightweight aggregate; Lightweight concrete; Cementitious composites; Hollow glass microsphere
Abstract Concrete is the most widely used construction material. The heavy self-weight of concrete may offer an advantage when developing high compressive strength and good dimensional stability. However, it is limited in the construction of super-long bridges or very high skyscrapers owing to the substantially increased self-weight of the structure. For developing lightweight concrete, various lightweight aggregates have typically been utilized. However, due to the porous characteristics of lightweight aggregates, the strength at the composite level is generally decreased. To overcome this intrinsic limitation, this study aims to develop a construction material that satisfies both lightweight and high strength requirements. The developed cementitious composite was manufactured based on a high volume usage of hollow glass microspheres in a matrix with a low water-to-cement ratio. Regardless of the tested hollow glass microspheres from among four different types, compressive strength outcomes of more than 60 MPa and 80 MPa with a density of 1.7 g/cm3 were experimentally confirmed under ambient and high-temperature curing, respectively.