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Title A Study on the Command Priority between Railway Traffic Controllers Based on Railway Control System Using AHP Method
Authors (Chae, Yun Seok) ; (Kim, Sigon)
Page pp.417-423
ISSN 10156348
Keywords Manned driving;Unmanned driving;Controller;AHP;Driving trains;Train signal control
Abstract This study compared and analyzed the importance of command priority between railway traffic controllers through pairwise comparison
of AHP analysis. 27 railway traffic controllers working on metropolitan railway control center, urban railway control center, and
unmanned driving control center responded. As a result of the analysis, all the railway traffic controllers generally recognized the train
driving control and train signal control as the most important priorities. For the controller in the manned driving system, a train driving
control was the highest at 0.375. On the other hand, the controller based on unmanned driving recognized train signal control as the
highest priority at 0.469. In the result of the AHP analysis considering all the variables, the braking system was the highest priority at
0.19 based on manned train driving. On the other hand, the controller based on unmanned train driving recognized wired and wireless
network systems and SCADA as the highest priority at 0.267.