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Title A Simulation of Nighttime Thermal Infrared Image Colorization considering Temperature Change between Day and Night
Authors 정지헌(Jung, Ji Heon) ; 조수민(Jo, Su Min) ; 어양담(Eo, Yang Dam) ; 박진혁(Park, Jinhyeok) ; 최연오(Choi, Yeon Oh)
Page pp.397-405
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 열적외영상;가시영역;모의;CycleGAN;컬러화 Thermal infrared image;Visible range;Simulation;CycleGAN;Colorization
Abstract In order to improve the visibility of nighttime thermal infrared images, a simulation method with daytime color images was proposed.
As a simulation method consisting of two steps, the daytime thermal infrared image was simulated by learning the unpaired nighttime
thermal infrared image and daytime thermal infrared image, then the result was translated into a daytime color image. A temperature
change regression equation was constructed and applied to reflect the systematic characteristics of temperature changes in daytime and
nighttime images, and day and night simulation and colorization were trained and modeled by CycleGAN. For the experimental area,
100 images were captured and used for training. As a result, the simulation showed an average SSIM of 0.2449 and a PSNR of 51.2254.
It was confirmed that the method could simulate complex and detailed features such as vegetation.