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Title Improvement Plan of Post Construction Evaluation: Focus on Construction Performance
Authors 박희성(Park, Heesung) ; 김태영(Kim, Tae Yeong)
Page pp.375-383
ISSN 10156348
Keywords 사후평가;성과;공사비;공사 기간;설계변경;건설 Post evaluation;Performance;Cost;Schedule;Change;Construction
Abstract The size of the construction industry is increasing, and its impact on the entire national industry is also significant. However, construction
cost increases, construction period delays, safety accidents, and quality problems occur during the construction process. This paper
analyzed the construction cost, construction period, and change order performance for civil infrastructures for which post evaluation
was performed. The analysis was conducted by dividing civil engineering facilities by type, construction nature, construction cost, contract
nature, and delivery method. Planned and actual construction cost and period were compared during the planning, design, and
construction process of civil engineering facilities. There is a possibility of input errors in project performance data, this paper proposes
to the post-evaluation center should perform post-evaluation. Also, post-evaluation implementation guidelines for change orders should
be revised. Additionally, further analysis of each facility was proposed through continuous data collection.